GUYANA-HEALTH- New scientific council to be established to boost healthcare


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC – A new medical and scientific council could soon be established in Guyana, and that body will be tasked with determining what international development can boost local healthcare.

This was announced on Saturday by President Dr. Irfaan Ali as he addressed the launch of new stem cells and immunotherapy at the privately-owned Woodlands Hospital.

According to Ali, Guyana will be a regional healthcare powerhouse with this development. He acknowledged that initiatives must be pursued to facilitate the development of the local healthcare system.

“That is why we now must move to this new level… to the establishment of a National Medical Scientific Council that brings our best talent to investigate not old technology but the best in class medical science development that can be applied in Guyana to help us here.”

He added that medical professionals must be able to understand the government’s efforts and support policy-making.

It was contended that the new stem cell services at the Woodlands Hospital are an example of how the government and the private sector can work together to develop the industry.

Last year, a new organ transplant law was passed by the National Assembly, paving the way for, among other things, these stem cell services.

The President also backed the hospital’s initiative, stating, “Stem cell (services) are highly effective where there is early diagnosis.”

He also described the new venture as “bold and innovative.”

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony highlighted that Guyana embraces more modern healthcare services. According to him, specialized care for individuals, as opposed to comprehensive solutions, is being sought.

“…we are going to understand more about the person, their genomics, and based on their genomics, manufacture medicine specific to that person,” he explained.

He also said that introducing stem cell services is just one aspect of Guyana’s development as a significant healthcare hub.

“We recognize that this is going to be a potential area for growth, and we want to be one of the places in the Caribbean, and for that matter, where we can be pioneering this type of technology.

“People are recognizing that Guyana is ready for this type of medicine,” the health minister said.


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