…..OPEC cuts will derail the Dems….


                                        (by Carlyle Harry)
In particular, when gas prices were going down, and President Biden’s ratings had been going up, OPEC, at a recent meeting  (attended by Russia), decided to cut members’ oil production by millions of barrels a day
This is a slap to President Biden and the Democratic Party in three significant ways—(i) the price of gas will rapidly rise again and promote further socio/economic dissatisfactions in America; (ii) the cuts will undermine NATO’s and Western Europe’s sanctions against Russian energy over the Ukrainian war; and (iii) the cuts will affect the Democratic Party’s chances at the midterm elections, especially since Saudi Arabia seemed to have deceived President Biden who recently made “a successful/friendly visit to that middle east country.”
*** The resulting rises in gas prices during the upcoming cold/winter period will also derail other Biden and Democratic Party gains like:—
* angry reactions to the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade;
* pardons for persons charged and convicted with/for marijuana crimes;
* Help with student loans;
* urgent attention and help for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and Florida;
* Rapid financial and material aid to Ukraine’s defensive posture against Russia.
Fortunately, President Biden and the Democratic Party will have a few weeks to try and adjust the mid-term election.
…What they need to do, the number of votes required in the House, and especially in the Senate…They can, for example, frame campaigns around THREATS TO THE COUNTRY’s DEMOCRACY…. A recent NBC News poll has named the main concern among registered voters as “threats to democracy”…It ranked above other problems like cost of living crises, jobs, the economy, and immigration.
… THREATS TO DEMOCRACY include voter suppression, Trumpism, Government reach, loss of Constitutional rights,
** Lifetime Republican member and Congressional Member—Liz Cheyney has declared that she will oppose any Republican Candidate who claims to be an election denier and that the former President did not lose the 2020 election race against Mr.Biden.She emphasizes the restoration of democracy depends on the conduct of free and fair elections, with losers being prepared to accept defeat and concede to the winner.
—Ms. Cheyney feels that the current Republican Party has descended into two factions—the Party of Ronald Reagan; and the other “a Putin wing.”
** Candidate for Governor of Georgia-Stacey Abrams, is concerned about voter suppression in her own and other States…Ms. Abrams claims that she was worried about apparent attempts that were being made to eliminate black and brown-skinned persons as well as ‘perceived’ Democratic-Party voters from being able to vote.
—Ms. Abrams contends that if some people are prevented from voting, that preventiwilluld affect the outcome of those elections.
—Advisers are encouraging Democratic seat-seekers to highlight in their various locations how Republican election deniers after the 2020 Presidential elections and, until now, are raising doubts over the conduct of and results of those elections….It is being reported that 299 (Republican) office-seekers are election deniers.
Those advisors feel that in addition to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, threats to democracy are the second most dynamic issue that Democratic-Party Office seekers should highlight.
—Such highlights should include:—
* The queries that were raised and the legal actions that were initiated and tried by. the
former President and his front persons;
* The public meetings and violence that took place in Washington on January sixth;
* Departures from the process of losers conceding;
* Many Republican Candidates running on platforms of election deniers as well as blind followers of the former President;
Readers, it is compulsory that I conclude this article with the accomplishments of Yankee’s batter—Aaron Judge; and Yankee pitcher Gerrit Cole, who passed Ron Guidry with his 249 strikes of the season…Guidry set the franchise record in 1978.
Aaron Judge is the new Yankee and American League “home run King.”…He scored his 62nd. home run on Tuesday, October sixth, against the Texas Rangers at the Globe Life field in Texas…He broke Roger Maris’ 61-year-old record…38,832 spectators attended the game.
—The 391-foot blast came on a pitch from right-hander Jesus Tinoco during game 161 for the Yankees.
After hitting the 62 ends. Home run, Judge commented (with a broad smile),” it was a significant relief; everyone can finally sit down in their seats and watch a ball game; it has been a fun ride so far.”
A big pre-election surprise
will be an incrincreasegas prices.
Acts of voter suppression
could affect the mid-term elections.



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