CARIBBEAN TIMES is a family-owned business serving the news and information needs of the Caribbean-American community in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Drawing on the unique experience and dynamism of the over one million Caribbean-American community in New York City, the publication’s stated value position promotes, highlights, and showcases this progressive community’s incredible versatility, talents, and entrepreneurial vitality.

Our position is to educate, inform and entertain this sophisticated and diverse community. The publication strives to be the authentic and genuine voice of the Caribbean Diaspora in New York. At the same time, recognizing that there are both positive and negative issues and occurrences in such a large community, the publication nonetheless places excellent emphasis. It focuses on the positive aspects that define this community and its people.

We are committed to the highest standards of journalism and truth in reporting. The publication is also a conduit for businesses and organizations to reach this community with information, promotions, and other pertinent business-related matters.


CARIBBEAN TIMES is dedicated to informing and educating the dynamic and growing Caribbean-American community in New York City and the broader United States. Through our publications and online website, we are committed to bringing timely, pertinent, and informative news, views, and entertainment of interest to the community.

We also represent the authentic and genuine ASPIRATIONS OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY and the respected conduit that bridges the gap with the business community. We provide a platform and vehicle for local businesses to reach over 200 000 unique readers with every publication. In 2018 we will expand our reach engage individual Caribbean American immigrant communities in the Bronx and Manhattan making the magazine available in four (4) of Brooklyn’s five boroughs.

We will also build and publish a set of SPECIAL ISSUES designed and geared towards bringing awareness to such crucial issues as health care and community pride and empowerment. These will include our WEDDING, HEALTH, AND RESTAURANT MENU publications that will become a permanent feature of our publication.


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Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Mike has over 30 years of experience in newspaper advertising and marketing fields.

At the helm of CARIBBEAN TIMES NEWS he works with a team of dedicated advertising “crack-shots” to help local businesses grow while remaining true to the vision of building a genuine and truly Caribbean news and information publication.

Mike oversees the publication’s direction, expansion strategy, policy initiatives and advertising roster.




Mike Roberts, the “other Mike,” brings his formidable experience and background as the Associate Editor of CARIBBEAN TIMES NEWS.

He’s the former Editor of New York CARIB NEWS and is recognized as the top journalist in New York City’s Caribbean-American community.

With over 30 years in journalism, media, and communications, Mike helps guide the publication’s journalistic integrity, high information product standards, and investigative reporting.


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