Macka Diamond Still got it


Photo Credit: StreetCred Jamaica

Make way for the return of the one-and-only Macka Diamond, the celebrated music star! Riding high with her new smash hit “Still Got It,” Macka’s powerful voice again takes the world by storm. Remember her stunning act that mesmerized the famous producer, Swizz Beatz, at Miss Liliys? Or when she wowed Brooklyn at Angela Yee Day? Yep, that’s Macka Diamond!

Her music career started in the late ’80s, capturing hearts with her dynamic performances. You might recall her other stage names – Lady Charm and Lady Mackerel, to name a couple. Macka teamed up with big names like Captain Barkey and Wickerman, producing unforgettable singles that got everyone talking. In 2003, she adopted her now-iconic name, Macka Diamond, and her hit single “Tek Con” was born. Since then, it’s been one hit after another, including fan favorites like “Bun Him” and “Dye Dye.”

But Macka isn’t just a musical talent; she’s a business powerhouse, too. In November 2023, she scored a big partnership with the giant retailer Walmart, proving she’s as savvy in business as she is in music.

Get ready to experience the magic with Macka Diamond’s hot track “Still Got It.” An artist who keeps pushing limits and topping charts, she’s not just making music – she’s making history.


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