“Capitalizing on a $61.8B Immersive Entertainment Industry- Meet Cautney Nelson


With her creation, Science and Sip, Cautney Nelson, an innovative pioneer from Brooklyn, NY, continues to make significant strides in the rapidly growing recreational leisure and immersive entertainment category. Originally known as The Drunken Laboratory, Science and Sip offers an immersive experience, inviting adult guests to step into the shoes of scientists. Participants are divided into teams and engage in thrilling science-themed experiments and challenges, all aimed at graduating from “LIT” University! Launched in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, Cautney’s astute business acumen and passion for science have propelled the Brooklyn-based company to a seven-figure success in under four years—an extraordinary achievement given the global challenges faced by in-person engagement-focused businesses during that time.  

In an era dominated by AI-driven businesses, ventures like Science and Sip and similar recreational activities offer a refreshing reminder of the enduring value of genuine human connection. These businesses provide a platform for individuals to engage with one another in a creative and social setting, fostering meaningful interactions and forging lasting memories. Cautney believes in-person interactions are the future of small business and AI dominates other business categories like film and television. According to No Proscenium, the immersive entertainment industry is a staggering $61.8 billion, with forecasts indicating a trajectory towards $8.2 trillion by 2028. In 2023 alone, sub-categories such as Sip & Paint accounted for $117 million across the United States. Cautney’s Brooklyn-based Science & Sip has carved out a significant market cap, capturing approximately 1.7% of the sub-categories revenue. With sharp insight into her industry’s trends, Cautney anticipates the emergence of competitors seeking to replicate her innovative experience, which she originally conceptualized back in 2019. Rather than resting on her laurels, she remains focused on evolving her business and staying ahead of the curve.


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