DOMINICA-Dominica to undertake soil mapping project.


ROSEAU, Dominica, CMC – The Dominica government continues advancing activities to reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts.

It said through the Ministry of Public Works, Public Utilities, and the Digital Economy under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project, one such activity is the “Development and Analysis of the National Soil Mapping System.”

The government has entered into a contract with the India-based National Commodities Management Services Limited (NCML) Remote Sensing Instrument (RSI) (Joint Venture) for the development and analysis of the National Soil Mapping System.

It said NCML/RSI would partner with stakeholders during its 45-day exercise.

“The purpose of the soil mapping project is to collect various soil samples across Dominica, which will allow for the development of predictive models on soil properties across the island.

“From these models, land use interpretations for each landscape can be determined to provide a baseline for evaluating the impacts of management practices across various sectors such as agriculture, land use planning, engineering, forestry, and water resource management, among others,” the government statement noted.

It said the soil mapping project is being implemented under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) through grant funding from the World Bank and will be executed and completed by October 2023.

The DVRP seeks the cooperation and understanding of the public and private landowners in granting access to the team members and its partners to lands and facilitating the extraction of small soil samples.


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