Former Major Lazer member and rising Electric Gospel recording artist Skerrit Bwoy continues his “Turn up for Jesus”


Former member of the EDM supergroup Major Lazer, current creator of Electric Gospel and Christian EDM, the recording artist Skerrit Bwoy recently released his first ever music video for his well-received title cut off his debut album “Jesus Party Volume 1”, as well as the second Volume to his “Jesus Party” trilogy. Endeavoring to share his faith and spread the gospel, Skerrit Bwoy takes his listeners on a musical journey with his dancehall-reggae roots mixed with Christian soul. Known for being a dynamic performer, deejay, Producer, and songwriter, Skerrit Bwoy is amassing a growing and loyal fan base. In addition, he has a reputation for being an active and philanthropic pillar of his community.

Born in the Caribbean island of Antigua, Skerrit Bwoy immigrated to the Bronx, New York at the age of nine with his grandmother. Inspired by his successful father and uncle, who were both local deejays, he began creating mixtapes using reggae and dancehall recordings from the radio, while in Jr. high school. Skerrit Bwoy’s innovative creativity facilitated his rise as a highly sought after DeeJay, producer, and MC, both as a member of Major Lazer and as a solo act. Skerrit Bwoy has performed in over 50 countries, on every inhabitable continent except for South America. Additionally, Skerrit Bwoy has been featured by prominent media outlets such as CNN, Large Up, The Fader and was the subject of a Documentary entitled ‘Temporary Sanity’, by Dan Bruun, which went on to be featured in several film festivals around the world”. Skerrit Bwoy continued producing music, deejaying in night clubs and festivals throughout New York, the Caribbean, Asia, and more.

As one of the biggest acts in the world, Skerrit loved his time performing alongside his Major Lazer family (Diplo, Switch & Jillionaire), however despite his success, he felt as if his life was not fulfilled and began to embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ. One a cool November afternoon, the Bwoy decided to dedicate his life and artistry to God. Skerrit Bwoy’s mission is to convey the message of the freedom that can be found when you fully embrace the love of God.

The video for “Jesus Party” was directed by Lu Simmo at Tsaba Studio in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and featured several prominent Dancehall, Gospel and pop figures such as Sone G, ZekeDon, Sheni, Foody Boo, Wishbone, HQ Squad, Far Charles, Whitey (CEO of Reggae Pop Records) and many others – some who flew from across the country to celebrate with Skerrit Bwoy and “Join in the Jesus Party.” The music video captures the essence of Skerrit Bwoy and the video serves as a portal into Skerrit Bwoy’s world of Christian EDM.

Skerrit Bwoy has achieved remarkable social media and digital traction, since his debut’s release Skerrit Bwoy has been consistently booked for several live events most recently the “Memorial Gospel Fest” Presented by Caribbean HD Radio to which he rocked a crowd of nearly 1000 people in attendance with 11,000 online viewers. Jesus Party the single achieved nearly 26,000 streams. Next up, Skerrit Bwoy is set to entertain over 5,000 kids at the Life Conference in Orlando, Florida at the World Marriott. Skerrit Bwoy chose a musical path very few are willing to embark on and so far he is not only gaining the respect of his peers but the admiration of his fans.

Quote: “One day God told me, “Go Make Music!” I didn’t even know how to play an instrument… But as soon as I decided to make music, doors opened for me” – Skerrit Bwoy

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