HAITI-OAS to ask member states to support Haiti’s Security forces


WASHINGTON, CMC – The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) has agreed to include on the agenda at a session on April 3 at the organization’s headquarters here, to discuss support for the transition democracy in Haiti and the presentation of the 11-point draft resolution “Support for the democratic transition in Haiti” proposed by the Working Group on Haiti.

Through the draft resolution, the OAS says it will ask member states and permanent observers to consider providing “immediate and adequate support to security forces in Haiti to restore conditions of peace and stability, through dismantling rmes gangs and the urgent delivery of “massive humanitarian aid”.

In addition, the resolution calls for the provision of financial and technical expertise to the Multinational Security Support Mission (MMSS).

The OAS is also encouraging the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT), once established by the terms of the declaration of March 11, to move forward in the appointment of an interim Prime Minister and a council of ministers; to establish selection criteria for a representative and impartial Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) so that free, fair and credible legislative and presidential elections can be organized as soon as security conditions in the country permit it.


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