CARIBBEAN-TOURISM- US Virgin Islands becomes 25th member country of CTO


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has started the year by welcoming the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) as its 25th member country.

In a statement, the CTO said that the USVI, one of the leading destinations in the Caribbean, joins the Organization at a time when the CTO seeks to refocus its mandate on shaping the Caribbean tourism sector of the future.

The relationship between the USVI and the CTO is familiar; the Organization is confident that the renewed partnership will result in several positive outcomes for both parties and the wider CTO membership.

In welcoming the new member, the Chairman of the CTO, Kenneth Bryan, expressed his belief in this relationship’s opportunity for regional tourism.

“I wholeheartedly welcome the United States Virgin Islands and Commissioner Boschulte to the Membership. Having one of the fastest-growing travel destinations in our fraternity further strengthens the Organization and enhances the spirit of collaboration and cohesion among our jurisdictions. The USVI has joined a community committed to growing and developing Caribbean Tourism sustainably. We look forward to working with Commissioner Boshulte in this regard.”

Commissioner Boschulte of the USVI, in expressing his thoughts on his destination’s status as a CTO member, said, “The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is a critical economic driver in the Caribbean’s growth and sustainability, and we are honored that the USVI is now a member. Sustainability is always top of mind for us as we look to maintain the tranquil and unspoiled landscapes of St Thomas, St Croix, and St John. Eco-friendly practices are vital for keeping our islands clean and pristine and preserving our natural resources and ecosystems. We saw encouraging growth in tourism in the USVI in 2022.
We look forward to working with the CTO in 2023 to create mechanisms to ensure that growth continues for both the USVI and our Caribbean neighbors.”

The CTO member countries are representative of the diversity in the Caribbean, making the region one of the unique tourism destinations in the world. The Organization has adopted a mandate to support sustainable tourism and economic development among its members.


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