Persistent gun & crime fears                                                                          


(by Carlyle Harry)
Readers, how the terms-CRIME and GUNS are frequently used interchangeably, we can mistakenly feel that they are the same thing.
Not so colleagues, crime is a crime, but guns take on their significance because of the mass(human) destruction they could cause and the part that guns play in the commission of various forms of crime.
So, in addition to the many and variety of financial, socio-economic, climate, and just humane issues like homelessness facing occupants of this society—crime in its many forms is of significant concern; while GUNS is (perhaps) one of the most dangerous weapons used in the commission of crimes…As a priority, we must continue to center concerns and attention on CRIME, especially in cities like New York and Chicago…(For example, New Yorkers continue to state that their main concerns were” personal safety and security.”
** Attorney-General, Merrick Garland made the distinction by putting it this way” violent crime is a matter of considerable concern to the country and the Justice Department; however Federal agents, Federal prosecutors, as well as State and local prosecutors are all working together to address guns as the most critical drivers of violent crime.
—I thought it necessary to offer those clarifications because, in this article, I shall be forced to refer to topics around the possession and use of guns.
                               GHOST GUNS
Mayor Eric Adams is continuously seeking support and cooperation from the Federal Government to limit the relay of ghost guns to New York and other States…In particular, the Mayor wants the Federal Government to yank the license of a Nevada-based gun-part seller (Polymer 80), which he describes as the largest source of ghost guns used in crimes.
—It has been reported that gun parts from Polymer 80 have been found in 90% of the ghost guns recovered by the NYPD…The Mayor is opining that” we must shut down the online realtors like Polymer 80, so if we do not mobilize together, we are not going to get the movement that we deserve in Washington.”
It is reported that the Nevada company sells a ‘Buy Build Shoot Kit’ that tells customers all the components to build a complete gun—but the gun frames do not have serial numbers.
—It appears that Polymer 80 does not conduct required background checks on individuals purchasing firearms; this year, the NYPD has seize3 ghost guns in the first four months of this ers have (reportedly) raked in $ 1 billion in profits during the past decade from selling assault-style weapons as mass shootings surged in the United States.
The Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform is very critical of the nature of direct advertisements and video games used to promote the sale(s) of guns…Committee-Chairwoman, Rep.  Carolyn Maloney(D-NY) said, “in short, the gun industry is profiting off the blood of innocent Americans.”
—Mary Daniels-CEO of Daniel Defense added,” what we saw (for example) in Uvalde, Buffalo, and Highland Park was pure evil; the cruelty of the murderers who committed these acts is unfathomable and profoundly disturbs me.”     
—A Newspaper Editorial concluded,” yet for gun manufacturers around the country, the go-to strategy is to appeal to military daydreams or the buyers’ masculinity, tying ownership of a big gun to a customer’s identity as a man or making it an extension of fandom for violent popular media…It is time to recognize that assault weapons are designed to maim and kill humans.”
*  John Amato stated that more and more residents are leaving New York City because of fears for their safety and their families…City Institutions are failing to protect citizens; they are failing to hold accountable the predators preying on the innocent.
The City’s crime situation is worsening, yet the people in charge are doing little about it.
** Two years ago, the NYPD’s average critical response time was seven minutes, seven seconds; today, it is nine minutes, thirty-one seconds….Overall, crime in June 2022 is up over 30% from June 2021
—More than 1,500 NYPD Officers have resigned or retired this year- a figure on pace to mark the most significant mass exodus of officers ever…The reality is that there are now fewer officers to protect working-class people who live and work in high-crime areas.
In calls for more effective regulations to be placed on the acquisition of guns, it is being contended that over the years, the Government has strictly regulated the marketing of products like tobacco and alcohol under the argument that the advertisements themselves are driving behaviors that harm the users…And the same should be done with guns, which indeed break many of their consumers.


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