Trinidad & Tobago’s Ache Abrahams:


Miss World 2022 T&T

Bests 16 Other Contestants To Win Coveted Title

Miss Maracas Valley Aché Abrahams has been crowned the first-place winner of the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Pageant Competition. The final competition took place last Sunday at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port-of-Spain, where Abrahams bested 16 other candidates who were also stunning and worked diligently throughout the pageant competition.

For the last eight weeks, all 17 candidates were exposed to rigorous training sessions, workshops, photoshoots, sub-competitions, interviews, guest appearances, and their meaningful Beauty with a Purpose humanitarian-based projects.

Speaking to reporters after the announcement of her selection, Miss Abrahams said: “This has truly been a dream come true. It is one of my proudest moments, and I am ecstatic and ready to represent this beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago at the Miss World International Pageant. I want to thank my amazing family, my encouraging friends, and my sponsor Anhasi Contracting Services Limited, for their continuous support and the tremendous hard work of the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organizing Committee. In addition, thank you to all my pageant sisters who have made this experience worthwhile and fun.”

The newly crowned Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Ache Abrahams, Beauty with a Purpose Project, The Safe Space Project, is helping others to see the Beauty and value in nature and its unmatched impact on holistic health and wellness, specifically as a resource to achieving mental wellness. As advocates for the healing Beauty in the natural world, it’s an absolute pleasure to discuss this with Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Ache Abrahams, Safe Space Project, and her vision for impact during her reign.

Q: What is the Safe Space Project?

A: The Safe Space project focuses on playing an active role in destigmatizing cognitive health. The key to good mental health and eradicating the stigma around it is through public education and awareness, so that’s what I’m focusing on now. I aim to encourage healthy and normalized conversations around good mental health and wellness while finding innovative solutions that show results, such as holistic approaches to mindfulness and wellness. By focusing on preventative health care for the youth of Trinidad and Tobago, we can reduce the likelihood of dealing with more significant issues down the line.

Q: What was your inspiration for the Safe Space Project?

A: I discovered the importance of cognitive health and wellness through my journey of self-love and mindfulness. We must create spaces where we can be open and honest about our life experiences because we often experience similar struggles but remain silent. I want people worldwide to know that speaking about your emotions and mental state is excellent. It’s even better when we can create the space for others to do the same. Together we can make the world a Worldlier place through our collective awareness and efforts to be united against the issues we may face. Currently, mental health is drastically being affected due to the pandemic, which is a critical conversation we should be having.

Q: What have you planned for the Safe Space Project in the short term?

A: My main goal is the awareness campaign because education is critical to resolving any issue. I’m aiming to get the public of T&T involved in the discussion around mental health and wellness to ensure that we make it a priority for all of us. I’m excited about the other activities planned down the line. Still, I will focus on spreading awareness and ensuring that anyone out there who may be afraid to speak about their feelings knows it’s completely safe to express themselves.

Q: What do you hope to be the future impact of the Safe Space Project?

A: I would love to have my project make a global impact, mainly focusing on the initiative’s mindfulness aspect. Mindfulness is the future of holistic

treatment. It has worked for me and is continuously proven to work through scientific studies. I would love to play a vital role in future studies to continue to prove it to be a viable pathway for mental health and wellness. I also want to do my research and help the world through my discoveries, whatever they may be.

Q: What sustainability initiatives do you hope to tackle during your reign?

A: Through our collective efforts of having these conversations about cognitive health, mental wellness, and new approaches, we can ensure that the future generations of the world are aware of the importance that these play in our lives. There is no health without mental health. The youth of our nation today will be the future leaders of tomorrow, so we need to ensure that we equip them with all the necessary tools to eradicate this issue down the line.

During the next two months, Aché Abrahams, Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2022 will undergo intense training in choreography/model walking, Question and Answer, Media Training, and several other activities to prepare her for the Miss World International Pageant, which will be held in early 2023.



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