Travelspan 2nd Curry-Duck – Duck-Curry Cooking Competition in Cancun:


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By Michael Derek Roberts

Nohar Singh is the consummate Caribbean man. And besides being an all-around decent human being – a rarity these days – he’s big on family, food, and fun, especially when it comes to the Caribbean kind. Last year as the COVID-19 pandemic emaciated the travel and tourism industry, Travelspan’s “bread and butter, this innovative and visionary Guyana-born businessman did not sit and wring his hands in despair. He jumped into action and developed two novel businesses based on his expert understanding and experience of the Caribbean and its culture. He took advantage of the fact that this population was “locked in their homes” because of COVID and yearned for their favorite foods.

So first came All From One Supplier. A food preparation and distribution business that delivers favorite Caribbean staples like Trinidad “doubles,” Guyanese “dhal pouri,” and other popular goods through online ordering. Then came the exciting “curry-duck-duck curry” cooking competition in some popular tourist getaways. Last year, the first fun and leisure competition was held in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This event won rave reviews.

I caught up with popular Guyana entertainer Terry Gajraj who stole the 2021 show and is back for the Cancun, Mexico competition from July 28 to August 1, 2022. “I had a great time. It was plenty of fun and nice people. Travelspan and Nohar Singh do this thing as a family, and I’m sure looking forward to this event in Mexico. I am looking to up my game and top my 2021 performances. Look out! I am coming with my Chutney guns blazing!” Terry told Caribbean Times at the recent official launch of the event in Queens.

Nohar agrees with Terry. His brand-new venture Curry Roti Box is the production arm of the All For One Suppliers food delivery business.

With the launch of this new business, he can make great Guyanese/Trinidad food available to the general public in the area while having a production location for the food shipping and delivery business. It’s a pure business genius and vintage Nohar Singh. “This is about doing business as a family. Travelspan is a family venture, and the curry-duck, duck-curry competition is business and an opportunity to bring the family together for healthy, wholesome fun, recreation, and leisure,” Nohar explained.

And he’s kicking things up a notch this year in Cancun. He’s added one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most versatile and capable singers. Raymond Ramnarine may not be a household name to many right now but remember it – this guy’s a musician first and foremost, blessed with a great singing voice, and mentioned that he’s a straight-up “people’s person?” A charismatic and handsome man, he loves to be around people.

“I was born in a little village in South Trinidad. I also came from a musical family and started singing around 13 years old. But I always knew I wanted to be a musician. I would be a teacher if I were not a musician because I like kids, “Raymond said. And how did his music evolve to the point that he’s comfortable with any musical genre? “I grew up around many different cultures, and we celebrate Indian and Hindu festivals, Christmas, Easter, carnival, etc. That helped widen my appreciation for music – all music,” Raymond explained to Caribbean Times.

So, what can the Travelspan family expect in Cancun this year? “Lots of great music, love, fun, and a great time. I am grateful to join Nohar Singh and the Travelspan family and perform for them in Mexico.

I look forward to it. I will make it an event that everyone will remember,” Raymond noted.

Restaurant Review: Curry Roti Box

Best Curry Dishes Around

I recently visited a brand-new restaurant in Queens called “Curry Roti Box.” The sparkling clean, and well-designed space attests to the classy persona of Nohar Singh and his wife, Lisa.

They look like a humble, powerful couple, and then you realize that the smiling, professional staff has two great role models. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and the staked Caribbean condiments, bottled pepper sauces, snacks, and drinks said it all – this place will not compromise Nohar Singh’s legendary perfectionism.

I sampled the Curry Duck-Duck Curry with white rice and Dhal. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 7.5 to 8 simply because I was too ashamed to go back for more! The duck was cooked to perfection – soft, non-greasy, and with the right mix of curry and traditional seasonings. I recommend it 100 percent!

The space is not huge, so that that seating will be an issue, but judging from the precision of the staff that I witnessed, getting in and out will be a breeze. I also like the restaurant staff colors – bright orange. But nothing could compare with the warm, friendly charm that I witnessed. So, for me, Curry Roti Box gets a 9 out of 10 for cleanliness and décor – simple yet elegant. Call them at (347) 238 2204 or visit them at 103-06 Liberty Avenue, Richmond Hill, New York.


  1. once again it is great to hear about Caribbean innovations-especially Caribbean foods: which the whole world enjoys.


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