Will this play out like the love affair between reggae’s greatest global legend Bob Marley and former Miss World Cindy Brakespeare? 

Are Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh and dancehall superstar Popcaan madly in Love? This is the proverbial 64-million-dollar question that fans on social media want to be answered. New Jersey-based deejay Lushy Banton seems to think they are. 
Toni-Ann Singh is the longest reigning Miss World as her royal duties were extended due to the Covid pandemic. Popcaan 

is dancehall’s hit machine signed to superstar Drake’s OVO Sound record label?

Banton said in a recent interview that the reported romance between the two lovebirds inspired his new dancehall single Crazy In Love, currently available on the Watsitnot label.

“I was inspired to write ‘Crazy In Love’ when I first saw them travelling together on a private jet from Jamaica to Grenada last year. The chemistry between the two is magical! Toni-Ann is certified as one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Popcaan is attracted to hot girls, so I can see why he would want a hottie like her by his side,” Banton disclosed.

The dating rumors escalated after the release of their new single and video last December titled Next to Me, which shared numerous erotic scenes, including a full kiss that sent social media into a tailspin.

“Some of Popcaan’s female fans, including his ex, may not be happy with what they perceive as his ‘declaration of love’ in the ‘Next To Me’ music video. However, most people like myself are rooting for the two. They are a royal couple and appear crazy in Love!” he reiterated.

Lushy Banton hails from Grants Pen in Kingston, and he’s not new to dancehall. For several years he brought light to the dancehall space with his electrifying mix of dancehall music and his innovative performances. He has charted with Brown Eye Girl,  Oh No (with Wyclef Jean), Mate HearSay, So Much Trouble (sampled with Bob Marley), and Exercise. His previous smash hit song Obama ‘was released in 2008 when the then Senator ran and was elected as the first African American President in the USA. Banton also made headlines with the single Undocumented, recorded on a bouncy, infectious dancehall beat. He also garnered attention for a mixtape that included snippets from ‘The Undocumented’ and clips of speeches from President Barack Obama and other political leaders. 

Crazy In Love is available on all major music platforms, and a video clip is expected to follow on the release of the si


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