When I think of resort fashion, I always envision a parrot fish, unapologetically swimming among the reef, drifting by the other basic fishes and fully unaware of how enamored the humans are, while peering down through the glass bottom boat to catch a glimpse of its beauty.

This spring, the greyscale is off, and we are in full Day-Glo mode. It’s been an exciting build up to Spring 2023; we all had no idea what was going to happen. Where would we be? In the Meta, on zoom on our couch? Or would the runway be filled with slouchy street style again?

The start of 2023 marked the return of Fashion Week, from New York to London to Milan and

Paris, fashionistas, fashion enthusiasts, and the rest of the world logged on in awe of Post Pandemic fashion, which seems to be a distinctive trend all on its own. World renowned creative directors and fashion labels have been blowing our minds, the lockdown isolation did the world a creative favor.

The Caribbean Fashion Season was no different; from Day-Glo costumes and Monday wear to provocatively sexy fete wear, the Caribbean queens were out to slay, and so was Miss Naomi Campbell, who reminded us all, why the thrown will always, should I dare say, have some Caribbean influence.

Designers and Labels illuminated the world with Chartreuse, fuchsia pink, orchid purple, neon green, orange soda, and shocking hues of blues.

This season it’s all about embracing your inner goddess, whether she is the goddess of darkness or light or maybe a bit of both; whatever it is sis, no judgement zone here; we all needed some glo energy.

“The Caribbean has never been a stranger to Day- Glo or goddess-styled dresses. We don’t have a season to wear them either,” says Crystal Ivy London, published Fashion stylist and creative director, featured in Vogue and Essence Magazine.

Resort fashion is a wardrobe essential for most Caribbean women and men and is used for more than vacationing. We islanders love our comfort and style and have been doing high fashion resort wear since the invention of the sewing machine.

So, if you are ready for Day-Glo Goddess Mode, here are five (5) Caribbean Designers slaying the resort fashion styles.

1. Taylor M

Inspired by all things Caribbean, their locally handcrafted resort wear pieces are timeless, modern, and comfortable, with particular attention given to versatility, colors, and prints that will allow our pieces to become part of your forever wardrobe.

2. Willow & Oak

The thoughtfully made Caribbean minimalist lifestyle brand created by designer Shandelle Loregnard is influenced by natural forms and contemporary art, with a strong emphasis on comfort and wearability. The clothing and jewelry exude a minimal aesthetic that makes every piece a classic and timeless staple in any wardrobe. All pieces are ethically made in Trinidad and Tobago.

3. Jae Jolly (Jamaica)

A luxury resort and swimwear brand from Jamaica for the wanderlust-er who dresses to inspire. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean-ism, the brand draws inspiration from the colorfully dressed Palenqueras. These Afro Columbian women are direct descendants of the world’s first freed African Slaves, they represent human resistance and resilience—the represented figure of courageous, hardworking mothers who are still living and thriving Afro-Caribbean heritage.

4. Ochie Swim (Trinidadian based in Miami)

She was fashioned for the women who visit the islands and those who embody the spirit of the islands -wherever they may be. Designer Hana Lloyd designs are at the heart of the contemporary but timeless Caribbean beach lifestyle. Combining perfect fit with classic design, lush custom prints, and effortless handwoven accessories, she creates unique looks for surf and sand.

5. Bene Caribe (Trinidad)

The brand is made for the vibrant, passionate, and conscious woman. A fantastic Caribbean essence breezily stitches each piece with warm threads and vivid patterns that wind to the rhythm of our impassioned spirits. Their pieces are a rich cultural expression of the Caribbean’s vibrant fashion and emerging resort-chic lifestyle.

6. Rhea Imani (Jamaica)

Created for the confidant, bold women who like to make a statement. Jamaican swim and ready-to-wear designer Rhea Gayle draws inspiration for her collection from local artisans and craftsmen. She is designed and handmade in Negril, Jamaica, by the designer and her team of local women. The designs are created for women with natural curves and the shape of the female figure in mind to create the ideal fit.



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