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Tobago Country Boy, StoriTyme – burns up NY Airways with Cari-Afrobeat Hit!

With his supremely catchy Cari-Afrobeat hits ‘Chama’ and ‘Tutashinga’ and his debut album on the way, the Tobagonian songwriter, singer, and rapper is poised to take his Cari-Afrobeat fusion to the world.

StoriTyme – the Tobagonian songwriter, singer, and rapper from the tiny, quiet countryside village of Moriah- once thought he would get into acting, as his first content ever created and published was a snap chat video addressing social and cultural issues. He recalled posting the video as an avenue to share a true life story and waking up to it going viral the following day. This video then inspired the production of a TV series, The StoriTyme. These short drama-filled stories,” fiction or fact, “first drew fans to the StoriTyme brand in 2019 and mushroomed into him sharing some of his life stories through song. Storytime is now gaining recognition in the US, Canada, and Europe with his music.

With the steady western migration and globalization of Afrobeats, thanks to crossover hits like Wizkid and Tems’ Billboard Hot 100 top 10 “Essence” and CKay’s “Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah),” which became the first-ever No. 1 on Billboard’s new US Afobeats Songs chart in April 2022, and Post-lockdown US and world tours, from African Artists like Burna Boy, that continue to sell out and rival some of the biggest names in the industry, has crystalized Afrobeats on the world’s stage.

Burna Boy’s 2022 ‘Love Damini’ Tour, which found its way to the Caribbean, has inspired young creatives to focus on creating crossover opportunities for themselves in a genre that is a natural part of their heritage.

When StoriTyme appears for his interview, he is calm and quiet. No entourage, no fanfare, humble and respectful. Dressed in a perfectly tailored suit from Trinidadian Designers Michael Marquis and Claudia Pegus, he was well-shaven and resembled the African Giant Burna Boy.

The Cari-Afrobeat hit maker bares a welcoming smile as he greets the team with a firm handshake and then says, “Morning everyone, let’s go.”

Q: What inspired you to get into Cari-Afrobeat?

A: Quite frankly, Burna Boy. After seeing the reception Burna Boy got at Tobago’s TOMAC FEST last October, the creativity and versatility in his performance and the fact that I am often mistaken for him in public inspired me to take my music in that direction, of course, infusing my Caribbean heritage,” Storityme recalled. I had already released Tutashinga, which means “We will win” in Swahili, and it was the first track where I started exploring my African heritage. Cari-Afrobeats came naturally as I wanted to create music and stories reflecting my Caribbean and African heritage. It’s who I am.

Q: What is the inspiration behind tracks like “Tutashinga” and the recently launched “Chama”?

A: “Tutashinga” is an emotional song for me. It was the first time I got the opportunity to travel. I am a song that reflects the feelings of almost all creatives in Trinidad and Tobago, the wanting to leave and pursue my dreams, what I want to be, and where I come from. It’s a song reflecting how I felt going to a big city for the first time and believing that my dreams are possible. Since that first opportunity, I have been inspired to travel more and create music. The song also expresses my desire to help everyone around me.

No one wrote “Chama,” which means party in Swahili; it was a vibe and a rhythm that captured my soul. I wanted to create a party, a feel-good song. I wanted to create a piece that showcased Tobago and our Talent as a people. I wanted a song that, when people hear it, they will anticipate Storytime.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

A: The top three artists on my list are Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Rema.

Q: Where would you like to see your music reach?

A: I would like my music to reach international, as a matter of fact, global. I dream of putting Trinidad and Tobago on the map as a creative hub filled with talent who can be crossover artists. I want to show the world what I can bring to the stage with my stories and art form.

Q: Who do you hope to inspire with your music?

A: Firstly, Moriah people, secondly Tobago, and by extension, Trinidad. I want to show them that we can perform globally and in an international space. To the young people who think it’s hard to get there. Of course, it’s hard, everything requires effort and consistency, but it’s possible. I want to inspire young creatives in my space, the Tobago, Moriah, and by extension, Trinidad, who are struggling and enjoying a break.

Q: What’s your vision for the next five years for Cari-Afrobeat and the future of the music industry in Tobago?

A: I watch football, so let me relate this to football. Managers can scout for talent in big countries worldwide but rarely analyze it in small countries like Tobago. My vision is to put Tobago on the map for music. I won’t push and open a door for other artists in Tobago.

I want to push the Cari-Afrobeat genre and create a movement. I want to see people freely express themselves and get involved in making our heritage global.

In the music industry in Tobago, we have talent, but we are still waiting for someone to see our talent. A lot of Caribbean creatives get despondent. When I cross over, I want to create a bridge for other artists in Tobago.

Outfit: Trinidadian Designers Michael Marquis and Claudia Pegus.


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