GUYANA-HEALTH-Monkeypox patients recover no more new cases

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – The second person diagnosed with monkeypox in Guyana has been released from the hospital.

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony confirmed Wednesday that family members and other close contacts of the patient are also free of the viral infection.

“We have checked in with the person’s close contacts, and again there have been no signs or symptoms of any rash developing, so they are also cleared,” he said.

So far, Guyana has recorded two cases of monkeypox, with the first being confirmed on August 22 and the second a week later.

Both individuals were admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Last week, the first patient was discharged from the hospital.

The two are now non-infectious and will be able to return to their everyday lives, and follow-up is not required, the Health Minister said.

“We are quite satisfied that they cannot spread anything. They have been in isolation with us for the requisite period, so we are quite satisfied. So, at this point, they would not be able to spread anything,” Dr. Anthony said.

He has already said he does not foresee many monkeypox infections in Guyana.


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