Don’t Ruin My World Julian Marley Amplifies His Support For Climate Change


Julian Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, has added to the number of voices in support of climate change. The Grammy-nominated musician teamed up with Everland on the single “Don’t Ruin My World,” produced by Myish & Fams House Music, executive produced by Gerald Prolman (Everland).

Everland represents the world’s largest portfolio of high-impact forest conservation (REDD+) projects. It brings together forest communities and corporations in a common cause to protect some of the world’s most important and vulnerable forests.

Climate change is always a topic of discussion for many. Champions for climate change have oftentimes spoken about the irreversible effects that will continue to worsen in decades to come.

Following in his father’s footsteps, the two-time Grammy-nominated artiste has centered much of his work on activism. Everland commissioned Julian Marley to create a song to help raise awareness around the need to end deforestation and conserve nature to safeguard life on Earth.

Everland was elated to work with Julian on this project. “Enlisting Julian Marley to make this song was an absolute no-brainer; with his continued humanitarian effort taking center stage, it felt like the perfect marriage.”

Julian Marley agreed to create the song after learning about the pioneering conservation projects that Everland represents across the globe, which are focused on stopping deforestation. The song is an anthem to help amplify the voices of young people who are anxious about the climate crisis and are demanding that adults do what is right to safeguard their future.

“I was excited to learn from Everland that it’s possible to stop deforestation in a way that brings meaningful investments into local forest communities. We’re happy to use our voices to support those on the front-line battle to conserve forests and protect wildlife. It’s our moral responsibility to do so.”

Don’t Ruin My World captures the natural beauty of the world and the vital roles it plays in our daily lives. In the song, Julian speaks about the medicine that can be found in leaves, the history in trees, and the foundation fruit of our life and appeals to persons not to take the Earth’s light.


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