CARNIVAL FASHION 101: the 2023 Bacchannal Season is here, and the Queens are Sliving


Let’s admit it; Carnival Season is the fashion season in the Caribbean. There is no Spring/Summer collection, no Fall/Winter collection, and I am going to be bold and say it, no real need for an annual self-titled Fashion Week that has nothing to do with the most incredible show on earth!

The world over, we have been smashing our heads on how to keep Fashion Weeks alive, especially in the Caribbean, where the major Fashion Weeks have not been able to attract and retain international talent scouts, buyers, publications, celebrities, or the elites of the fashion world.

We have all been so focused on what’s traditionally done on the international fashion scene that we have missed the most golden opportunity, Carnival. Here is a platform that designers and creatives know all too well. We are all experts in some way when it comes to Carnival! We instinctively know what the fete trends are, what the Monday wear Fashion essentials are, and how to Slay on that Stage in full gilts and glam of our designer costumes.

The beauty of the Caribbean, especially islands that boasts some of the world’s biggest and most celebrated Carnivals, is that we have mastered the craft and the art form that people travel from all over the globe to be a part of the festivities.

The 2023 Carnival Season has seen a display of the creativity of emerging Caribbean designers through their designs, functionality, and range of products and services. They have become more elaborate and bolder, making statements about their heritage, redefining what they wear, and taking ownership of the title Queen of Bacchanal.

It is refreshing to see millennials redefine what it means to be the Queen of Bacchanal and use the season as an opportunity to launch and build their career.

Recently featured, in InStyle Magazine, on her fashion and accessorizing tips for Afochella, Trinidadian-born, internationally recognized stylist Crystal Ivy London will lay out her top Monday Wear, Fete Wear, and Costumes for the 2023 Carnival Season.



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